Digital Marketing

For close to ten years, Blinon Services has assisted prominent global brands grow online and consistently achieve outstanding results. We ensure that our strategies are in alignment with your campaign objectives, core business goals and targets.

Search Engine Optimization

We have been working with large global accounts streamlining their SEO operations increasing natural traffic and reducing internal investment. Get in touch today.

Social Media Marketing

Businesses benefit from our technology expertise ranging from working on open source technologies, to architecture solutions and program management skills.

Pay Per Click

Our PPC management program involves creating relevant ads and landing pages that showcase your business USPs with proper tracking to improve ROI.

E-mail Marketing

Whether it's to enhance your brands reach, keeping your followers updated with newsletters or generating business leads, our campaigns are designed accordingly.

Reputation Management

It's very important in today's era to maintain and monitor conversation about your brand online. Blinon Services help brands in building their reputation online .

Digital Analytics

Blinon Services web analytics services give you important insights in the form of data so as to refine strategy based on your visitors, interest and engagement with the website.



Traction you're receiving as a company is based on the amount of positive outcomes you obtain based on your effort and is the synergistic value added for disrupting vertical platforms that will make you an autonomous leader. Channels are the way in which you promote you're business The objective of all companies is in some way collecting the Big Data, determining your inflection point, allowing this information to identify when and what needs to be completed and then execute. The idea is never to get focused on mastering distribution, as everyone will not buy your products/services. If the focus is on traction, you'll find that you will find that a set of principles and systems that brings in clients and leads will be created. 


  1. SEO/SEM 
  2. Content Viral Marketing 
  3. Social Media Advertising 
  4. Display Advertising 
  5. Speaking Engagements 
  6. Targeting Blags 
  7. Public Relations 
  8. Video Marketing 
  9. Unconventional Public Relations
  10.  Offline Advertising
  11. Email Marketing 
  12. Trade Shows 
  13. Existing Platforms 
  14. Affiliate Programs 
  15. Sales 
  16. B-Dev (Business Development) 
  17. Engineering as Marketing 
  18. Community Building

SEO creates a space in which a company can make their page more efficient, allowing for them to receive more exposure in the results page of Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. These strategies generally revolve around tweaking pages with more jargon based on the respected industry that would be searched by the average person, creating more effective and efficient links that think to your brand, by utilizing more keywords that would be used during a search.

SEM allows for companies who desire to bid on key positions that are placed higher in search results to effectively improve traffic. When their position is obtained, their link is placed and when someone clicks on the link they are required to pay an agreed upon amount (Also known as Pay Per Click or Pay Per Action). The significance and effectiveness of this depends on how much you pay and how well the website relates to the search.

CONTENT MARKETING is the space in which a company distributes free or very low at cost content with the idea that they can pitch their business somewhere inside its format or increase traffic by attracting people to check out their site, services, or product. (Blags are a form of free content shared with people in exchange for email addresses, leads, or traffic to the website.

PUBLIC RELATIONS started with media outlets but has extended to blogs or sites that have an exuberant amount of followers. The idea in this path is to find media attention in various forms that will allow your company to gain exposure. 

SOCIAL AND DISPLAY ADVERTISING is an avenue in which a company takes out ads on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., which allows you to present your ads to the public based on what they search, as well as their demographics. (Facebook has even gone as far to allow businesses to to target consumers based on behaviors. This avenue of digital marketing revolves around Banner Ads and Google Adsense. 

EMAIL MARKETING is digital marketing consists of building a subscription base by actively getting their users to sign up for their content to be distributed to them. While many people over look this avenue of marketing, Multi-Billion dollar industries have been built off of this concept. 

EXISTING PLATFORMS  comes into play in digital marketing whether you sell jewelry on ETSY, Antiques on EBAY, digital courses on UDEMY, Rental Properties via AirBNB, or freelancing services on UPWORK. This is when you leverage the promotional and community aspects of different systems to bring traffic towards your site. 

AFFILIATE PROGRAMS is a form of incentives you create,publish, then manage to entice affiliates into promoting your product on their own. Affiliates would be considered people who are authorized to sell your product. One of the key things to know about affiliate programs is that more times then not you after now in control of how they sell your product or service and if it's actually ethical.

BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT  (also known as B-DEV) is used in digital marketing by establishing partnerships and agreements with other companies/start-ups to either promote one another's products or services. You would ideally find a partnering company, website, community, blog, etc. and establish a promotional partnership (also considered to be a form of a joint venture) 

TARGETING BLOGS consist of targeting individual blogs, or a particular niche and get them to outright promote you with an affiliate setup or a guest blag. A guest blag is when you present yourself as an expert in some context and provide information about a particular topic that would get exposure as an expert in that topic or industry.

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